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Strengthening exercises are essential for improving muscle tone, enhancing physical performance, and aiding in injury recovery. Products like resistance bands and therapy putty offer effective resistance training options to target specific muscle groups and promote muscle recovery.

What to look for

  • Versatility

    Consider equipment that offers versatility in strength building. Look for products that can target different muscle groups and be easily adjusted for varying levels of resistance.

CanDo TheraPutty 4 Piece Set

CanDo TheraPutty 4 Piece Set

Enhance hand strength and flexibility

The CanDo TheraPutty 4 Piece Set is designed to improve hand strength, flexibility, and dexterity. With varying levels of resistance, this set is perfect for rehabilitation, hand therapy, and general strengthening exercises.
THERABAND Resistance Band Set

THERABAND Resistance Band Set

Enhance your strength without weights

The THERABAND Resistance Band Set is a professional-grade elastic band set that allows you to effectively strengthen your upper and lower body without the need for weights. Perfect for physical therapy, Pilates, rehab, and strength training, this set includes bands of different resistance levels to accommodate beginners and advanced users.